Hi! I'm Everett :] but I also go by Lavrynn.
I am an adult, and I use any pronouns with a slight pref towards he/him. I'm an Aries, and INFJ 2w1.

I'm an artist! I have a bunch of ocs and i periodically do fanart for series' i enjoy. I'm autistic, and as such I have a few hyperfixations. Currently I'm fixated on: Danganronpa, Your Turn To Die, and a couple different Fangans.

I'm a kinnie! Cringe, I know. If you'd like to know my full kin list dm me, but the important ones are Yuta Asahina, Shin Tsukimi, and John Egbert.

If you'd like my socials, or you'd just like to talk, feel free to dm me! Be warned, I tend to curse off site. I will keep that to a minimum on site though.

I'm also always open to trades! I'm not extremely active anymore, but please do try to be fair when sending me trades.

Have a good day! Remember, there are people who care about you!